I saw the funniest help-wanted ad, and had to share…

I have a daily Google alert set up for any mention of “Kindle” or “Nook” in the news. Mostly I just see boring posts about how eBooks are a thing of the past (don’t believe it!) or advertisements for selling Kindles or Nooks. But occasionally, I find a real winner. Today I saw a link that said, “Need a ghostwriter and editor for my Kindle Ebook.” I clicked on it and found the following advertisement:

Screenshot of advertisement

Check out that budget… Yep, a $25 budget for writing a 50-page book. I thought my hard-working author visitors would get a real kick out of that. The topic isn’t even defined! The guy (woman?) who posted this, and said he was looking for an expert-level assistant, will pay you a whopping $25 to write a 50-page book for him, and you apparently even get to choose the topic.


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