What have I been doing lately?

A cartoon owl wearing a graduation cap and round Harry Potter-style classes, and reading from a red book

As I commenced this minor site redesign, I realized that I’ve been “online” for nearly three decades–even my domain is over 20 years old. If it were a child, it would be halfway through college by now!

An illustration of a six-sided pipped die and a green meeple

In that time, my interests and pursuits have run the gamut from web development to web hosting, to book and eBook formatting, to tabletop game store ownership. It is the latter that I am focusing on right now, with some attention to the print book & eBook publishing world, as well.


Looking for Book or eBook Formatting Services?

Hand holding an eReader device on which is displayed the cover of the book Not Just One

I do still do some book and eBook formatting, with a focus and priority on helping out existing clients, as well as a few new clients who have special needs that cannot easily be satisfied by other formatters. I have a preference for: memoirs, genealogical works, children’s picture books, adult novels, and young adult fiction. If you have a particularly difficult-to-format book that requires hand-coding, drop me a note.