Photo Retouching – Teen Girl

I retouched this photo as an example when teaching someone how to use a few features of Photoshop to clean up photos. The original is a stock photo of a natural-looking girl with light acne, smudged mascara, natural skin wrinkling from the pressure of her face on the ball, and chipped nail polish on her thumb. There is a dark spot on her turtle-neck collar that could either be a pattern from the shirt or a stain.

My intention was not to create a “glamour shot” — I just wanted to do a little clean-up while still maintaining a mostly-natural look. I brightened her eyes up a little bit to draw focus to them, made her lips a little pinker to show youth, “plucked” her inner eyebrow corners, removed the acne and light wrinkles, cleaned up the make-up, and unpainted her fingernail. The pressure of the ball under her face distorted the skin near her eye, adding a “flesh chunk” that I thought was unflattering, so I smoothed out her facial contour a bit there. I couldn’t decide whether the spot on her shirt was a stain or not, so I lightened it up.