eBook Sales Plateauing: BookNet Canada Reports

This is a rather deceptively titled article—it implies that eBook sales are leveling off, simply due to a dip in percentage sales during the fourth quarter of 2012… but then specifically mentions that the source, BookNet Canada, suggests that book sales are strongly linked to gift-giving. Well, duh… isn’t that a ground-shaker? 😛

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Kindle eBook Sales [in the UK] Have Overtaken Amazon Print Sales, Says Bookseller

Kindle ebook sales [in the UK] have overtaken Amazon print sales, says book seller [External Link]

5 August 2012

Amazon.com announced that their customers in the United Kingdom are buying 114 eBooks for every 100 print books sold on their site. This is probably attributed to the lower cost of many eBooks, though Amazon claimed that many print books that were sold were also inexpensive. There was no data indicating whether the eBooks that were sold were independently published or not, nor any information specifically indicating the price range of the eBooks sold as compared to print books.

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