Sony to Embark on ‘Storyteller’ eBook Initiative at E3

Sony seems to think that they can recover their eBook market share through the PS3 platform. Perhaps they are right—I can see a market for comic books and interactive story books for children. And perhaps, as the apparently-Photoshopped image in the article indicates, it would be appropriate for their mobile devices. As a parent I would be more inclined to encourage my son to read eBooks if I didn’t have to buy a separate eReader device for him, and it just worked on his portable gaming platform.


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eBook Sales Reach 10% in Canada in January 2012

The National Reading Campaign in Canada sponsored, between 23 and 29 January, 2012, the second annual National Book Count. During this time eBooks made up 10% of books sold in English Canada. These numbers were compiled from a number of sources and compared with the 2011 numbers. Take a look at the press release, available at The Canadian Children’s Book Centre. The numbers are not necessarily perfect, especially as they are for only a single week, but they are interesting.


Kids On Kindle: Amazon Starts Publishing Children’s Books

Amazon has acquired Marshall Cavendish’s 450 children’s book titles to compete with Barnes & Noble’s Nook Kids collection. The introduction of the Kindle Fire allows Amazon to compete effectively in this market, where they were unable to do so with the older black-and-white Kindles with limited graphics capability.