Cabin Waves Lap Quilt

This is the first quilt I ever made—it took me about three months to complete between December of 2000 and February 2001. I modified a pattern from a book called “Cabin Waves.” The Cabin Waves pattern is a variant of a traditional Log Cabin design, in which each block is based around a central “hearth” rock, which is usually red.

In this variant, each of the logs is a different width and the two sides of the block are done in complementing colors. The blocks are then arranged in a “wave” pattern to create non-symmetric diagonal waves across the face of the quilt. The quilting is very simple because I quilted it on a regular sewing machine (and because it was my first quilt!), with freehand waves across the center part of the quilt and straight lines perpendicular to the edges on the outer border with the lizards. There is no quilting on the two inside borders. It is bound with a narrow grey-on-black small floral print fabric. The back of the quilt is pieced with several of the fabrics from the front and there is a large canvas label.

Cabin Waves Quilt