Miscellaneous Stuff

This page just contains (or will contain) a bunch of random things I thought were worth either putting on the web or linking to. Some of them, perhaps, have more intrinsic value than others. ;)


In my spare time I enjoy quilting, these are a couple of the quilts I have done.

How many bytes are in a page of text?

A few people have asked me this question, so I thought I'd answer it online.

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Monday Start Calendar

I created these calendars for my Mom. Since I put time into it, I figured I would make it available in case anyone else happens to be searching for such an item. Word 2003 Format, PDF Format. Get Acrobat Reader

My Cat on Google

[Screen capture of my cat on Google Maps]

My kids pointed out that our late cat, Aiden (I named him over a decade ago—before the name became trendy!), is in this image of our house on Google Maps. That was favorite spot on the lawn—he used to there all the time. The inset photo is the long-suffering Aiden in my son, Andy's, arms just before he (Andy) turned 4.

Amusing 404 Page

This page dates waaaay back and I must admit that I didn't make it up. It was the 404 page on my site until recently when I noticed it was still there and that most people might not get it any more. 404 General Protection Fault


A page of photos (taken by me or my family) that I thought were interesting for any number of reasons.