OverDrive Introduces Browser-Based eBook Reader

OverDrive, an eBook distributor, announced they will produce a browser-based eBook reader later this year. I look forward to checking this technology out, as it should, in theory (if it is truly browser-based and doesn’t rely on Flash or other technologies), allow Kindle Fire owners to read ePub-formatted books without downloading and installing applications that take up valuable storage space.

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Sony to Embark on ‘Storyteller’ eBook Initiative at E3

Sony seems to think that they can recover their eBook market share through the PS3 platform. Perhaps they are right—I can see a market for comic books and interactive story books for children. And perhaps, as the apparently-Photoshopped image in the article indicates, it would be appropriate for their mobile devices. As a parent I would be more inclined to encourage my son to read eBooks if I didn’t have to buy a separate eReader device for him, and it just worked on his portable gaming platform.

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Read Fast: e-Titles Self-Delete After 14 Days

This article discusses Houston Public Library’s policy of lending eBooks for only 14 days, as compared to 6 weeks for print books. I was less interested in the geo-centric Houston news than I was to learn that a public library lends books for 6 weeks! Wow! At the time this article was published, 235 patrons were waiting to check out one of the seven eBook copies of Fifty Shades of Grey and 74 were waiting to check out one of the sixteen copies of Grisham’s The Litigators.

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eBooks: Winners in the Generation Game

This article discusses the growth of eBook sales among the older demographic, citing a poll which indicated that individuals over 55 were more likely to own an eReader than people aged 18-24. What really makes this article worth of mention is this winner-of-a-quote on the true benefit of eReaders: “Now, not only can you read filthy books without anyone noticing, you can read filthy books in an 18-point font.”

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Half of eBook Readers Use Them for ‘Shame Reading’

This article discusses a poll of nearly two thousand British citizens regarding eBook use. It seems to be attempting to assert that the sole reason people buy and use eReader devices is to read books they otherwise wouldn’t read. I think, however, that this is a case of correlation not necessarily equaling causation. Just because someone buys a book they might be embarrassed to own, whether it is the latest release in the Twilight series or the latest erotic novel that is sweeping the globe, it certainly does not automatically follow that the individual purchased the book for that reason and that reason only!

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