I saw the funniest help-wanted ad, and had to share…

I have a daily Google alert set up for any mention of “Kindle” or “Nook” in the news. Mostly I just see boring posts about how eBooks are a thing of the past (don’t believe it!) or advertisements for selling Kindles or Nooks. But occasionally, I find a real winner. Today I saw a link that said, “Need a ghostwriter and editor for my Kindle Ebook.” I clicked on it and found the following advertisement:

ghostwriter ad

Check out that budget… Yep, a $25 budget for writing a 50-page book. I thought my hard-working author visitors would get a real kick out of that. The topic isn’t even defined! The guy (woman?) who posted this, and said he was looking for an expert-level assistant, will pay you a whopping $25 to write a 50-page book for him, and you apparently even get to choose the topic.

A new site for the new year!

2016 Palm TreesThank you for visiting my newly re-designed site. Please be patient while I work out any kinks that might exist, and please let me know if you see any broken links or weird things going on!

What’s with the image of the palm trees, you ask? That’s just where I’d prefer to be right now—under a nice palm tree—compared to freezing New Hampshire! 😉

Physical Book Sales Back on the Rise – But Why?

Print Sales Going Up?According to Nielsen, book sales have risen again in 2015, after dropping in 2012. But the real question is why? Several articles published in the last week include charts showing that book sales have risen and include data that sales of eReader devices have dropped off, but I am left wondering if it has more to do with people having a bit more money than a renewed interest in the printed word. And as for eReader device sales dropping off–eventually they have to, right? Once a family of four has six or seven eReader devices, they really don’t need to upgrade to the latest and greatest eReader every year, do they? In my profession as an eBook formatter, I own no less than seven eReader devices, including three Kindle Fires. But which device do I prefer for reading? My old black-and-white Kindle that I bought a few years ago–it’s lightweight, easy on the eyes, and convenient. And until I manage to sit on it, I won’t be buying another one for my personal use. I tend to think there are others who must agree with me, and remain unimpressed by all the naysayers claiming the end of the digital word!

Am I right? That remains to be seen, but history tells us that new technology is infrequently completely abandoned once it gains a toehold–it just gets better.

Kindle Fire 7-inch for Sale for Only $49.99!

7-inch Kindle FireSomehow I must have missed the news… And in case you, my reader, did too, I’m sharing it!

Amazon is selling their 7-inch Kindle Fire for only $49.99 (and I’m betting it will be even less over Thanksgiving week). This price is astonishing… I don’t remember how much I paid for my first 7-inch Kindle, in an earlier generation than this one, but I think it was in the neighborhood of $200.

So now there are no excuses, all you authors-without-eReaders! Pick up a Kindle today and see your book the way it is supposed to look! 😉 At this price point, you won’t regret it.