My (sort of) New Focus:
Kindle, ePub, and print-on-demand Book formatting

Books and KindleAfter years of providing web development services while doing eBook and print book formatting “on the side,” I’ve decided to change gears and offer these services as my main focus.

What does that mean? It means that while I’ll still be offering web development services, I’m only going to be offering those services to independent authors whose books I am also formatting. This will allow me to focus my attention on producing beautiful, high-quality, professional-looking books, while still providing website development as a valuable service to those who need it.

My areas of focus are now as follows:

Kindle Formatting / ePub Formatting Services

These services include converting your book, from whatever format it is in now (MS Word, MS Works, Open Office, PDF, paper, etc.) to .mobi and ePub formats, so that you can publish it through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other sales platforms, including Smashwords and iTunes bookstore. [Read More]

Print-on-demand Formatting

If you’ve decided to self-publish through CreateSpace, LightningSource, or another print-on-demand publishing service, I can provide you with the well-formatted PDF documents required for printing through these companies. [Read More]

Proofreading and Editing Services

Presenting yourself well and avoiding negative reviews requires that your book be written with much-more-than-passable grammatical and spelling skills. I provide proofreading and editing services to polish your book without losing your “voice.” [Read more]